Naturefriends in Finland

Suomen Retkeilyliitto, The Trekking Association of Finland (previously Työväen Retkeilyliitto) is founded in 1971 and its mission is to promote trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities in forests, national parks and other nature landscapes. We have 20 member associations in all Finland and the total number of adult members is approximately 1,850.


The activities are planned and arranged mostly by active members with their families on voluntary basis. The activities include traditional forms of trekking and hiking events all year round. We arrange one-day or weekend-trips to nature trails, national parks, nature centres and local cultural sights. Different themes like berry-picking, mushroom hunting, cycling and canoeing as well as studying birds and flora are used. Many local associations also have arranged one-week trekking trips to Lapland or local weekend trips during the colourful autumn foliage.


Suomen Retkeilyliitto has a few cottages in Lapland, with total beds for 80 persons. The most popular ones are the cottages in the Pallas fell area ”Rihmakuru” and ”Varkhanmukka”, which are visited especially during the sunny skiing season in early spring and during the colourful autumn season. The cottages need continuous renovation, and several volunteer camps are arranged annually to keep the cottages in good shape and to make split billets for fireplaces, among others.

It should be noted that the cottages have no service personnel. Instead of water closets there are outhouse toilets only. There is electricity in the ”Rihmakuru” cottage – all others have gas light. Some cottages are far from the road and cannot be reached by car. The positive aspect on the other hand is the guaranteed silence and the peace of nature.

Reservations and inquiries
Tue, Wed and Thu Tel. +358 45 1369 744 (Tiina) and all weekdays Tel. +358 40 504 8296 (Hannele), or by mail to suomenretkeilyliitto(at) We are happy to give you further information on the cottages.

List of cottages:

Name Region Coordinates
Käkkälö Enontekiö 68.380304 23.957347
Lätäskurkkio Enontekiö
Suaskumpu (Korsu) Enontekiö 68.184903 24.089625
Varkhanmukka Enontekiö 68.183087 24.087783
Rihmakuru Kittilä 68.110356 24.157581
Ukonjoki Lieksa 63.207838 30.955083
Sommerhaus Kallioniemi Sipoo 60.247712 25.262718

Description of cottages:

Varkhanmukka & Suaskumpu

See photos:

Useful information (Information on Finnish nature and outdoor activities) (Finnish National Parks) (Map of Finland)

International cooperation

Suomen Retkeilyliitto is a member of International Naturefriends (NFI) and is cooperating also with International Young Naturefriends (IYNF). NFI is the global umbrella organisation of the Naturefriends movement, uniting more than 45 member organisations with about 350,000 individual members throughout the globe. NFI works for sustainable development in and beyond Europe and is a member of the Green 10, a group of leading environmental non-governmental organisations active at EU Level. Read more: and

Communications and media

Suomen Retkeilyliitto publishes a printed magazine Retkeilijä which is distributed to members 2-3 times a year. The releases and publications of NFI and IYNF are forwarded to the member associations.